I never really planned to “say something big”. What does that mean anyway? After all, at 5’ 2” there has never been anything “big” about me. Though I can assure you I’ve never been called shy, and most certainly have been called blunt, but “saying something big?”…that’s just not something I set out to do.

“Saying something big” is about affecting others. It’s about taking your own experience and making it meaningful to those who may never know you but who can relate to what you’ve been through. We all have life changing things happen to us and we have the ability to recognize those moments and use them to create substantial “movement” in ourselves and use them to influence others if we really want to.

To me, Feel Your Boobies isn't JUST about breast cancer.  It's about how one voice makes a difference and how listening to your gut can really change your life.  We all have something to say. Are you “saying something big”?